Sunday, 12 February 2012

Off Beat Vacation Ideas

When you think about vacation, what do you envision? A cruise? Immersing yourself in Europe? Best beaches in the world? Skiing? There are many different types of vacations that one can take. They reflect your personal interest and desires. There are other types of vacations that you can take. These are the vacations that people usually want to take but are too afraid. Whatever the reason, these are the vacations that usually get a look of bewilderment when talked about. We will look at a few off beat vacations and see why they should be included in the list of potential adventures for your next vacation.

Rent a RV and hit the road. You get bonus points if you get an older version that is not packed with amenities. By amenities, I mean the nice tour bus looking RVs. No, for this trip it is all about you and the open road and in order to experience it you need to rough it. You will be staying at camp sites and have to make your own food. Don't worry about catching your favorite TV shows while you are driving because there will be no TV available. You need to concentrate on all the beautiful scenery. There is a lot out there for you to see. You can see history, mountains, and beaches. There is also everything in between. So pack up and get ready for the best road trip yet.

Following suit with the RV idea, book a plane ticket and head to Europe. All you need is a backpack. I understand that backpacking through Europe is a idea that people do every year, but it's still not for everyone which is why it is on the list. When you back pack through Europe you allow yourself to trust the cultures and live on a whim. You don't stay at nice hotels and eat at the fancy restaurants. You are there to see the sites and make up the itinerary as you go. I can honestly say I would not be able to survive backpacking through Europe, but I am very impressed by those that can.

Another type of vacation that will be very rewarding is to travel and help in a country that is in need. Volunteering is such a rewarding experience. How is this considered a vacation? Well you are still away from your everyday life. There are people all over the world that need help and will never have the option to take a vacation. Many of the top vacation destinations are surrounded by poverty. Even if you only donate one day of your time, you would be helping to change someone's life.

There are all kinds of vacations that are out there. You could chose to do anything in the world, but hopefully you will consider one of these trips that we suggested. They will bring you out of your comfort zone and put you more in tuned to the world around you. Traveling is great for the mind, body and spirit. Only you can find and build a trip that is best for you.

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Tips For Summer Vacation In Pattaya

If planning summer vacation in Pattaya this summer, you are making the right choice. It is one of the top destinations in the world, because it combines the exotic destination, the bustling nightlife, a rather free spirit when it comes to companionship for men and of course the amazing beaches for which Thailand is famous.

Even if you are not the "sit on the beach all day long" type of person, you will find numerous things to do during your summer vacation in Pattaya. First of all, Pattaya is Thailand's capital for windsurfers. Top event of the year is in December when the town hosts the Siam Cup. Best months for action are March-April and July-August. Jomtien Beach, a 10-minute drive from the center of Pattaya, is the main hub for action. Equipment can be rented at Amara Sailing Center, Club Loong Chat, and the Starboard Club. All three are on Jomtien. Another popular spot for windsurfers is Tabsai, 30 kilometers north of Pattaya on the road from Bangkok, where the water is generally calmer.

There are also numerous other activities to do during your summer vacation in Pattaya; after all, you are in the Pacific Ocean with its amazing deep. Diving is, thus, one of the main activities, There are dozens of dive sites along the coast and the nearby islands. Two of the most popular sites are wreck dives. One is off the coast of Pattaya Beach, the KhramWreck; the second, a good deal farther south near Ko Lam, is the Hardeep Wreck. The Khram is a man-made reef created by a 200-foot World War II US Navy vessel that was deliberately sunk by the Thai Navy in 2003.

The keel sits at 30 meters below the surface and the top of the wreck just 15 meters below. The site is already yielding some coral and attracting a full range of fish, and is recommended for more experienced divers. The Hardeep Wreck, also more suited to experienced divers, is the remains of a Thai coastal freighter sunk during World War II.

Maximum depth is 26 meters. The vessel's power plant was deliberately removed to allow access to the engine room, and it is possible to swim the entire length of the coral-encrusted hull. Full range of fish to view including turtles, stingrays and puffer fish.

Nightlife is of course the other pillar that the fame of Pattaya rests on. Discos, bars and clubs are open all day long. Bars are the focal point of the nightlife in Pattaya that is known for its shows such as the Tiffany's show, Alangkam and Alcazaar Show, which are infamous worldwide for their flamboyant atmosphere that will light up your summer vacation in Pattaya.

As for the cuisine, we should not forget that Pattaya is in Thailand that offers one of the top cuisines in the world. You can find numerous dining outlets in Pattaya, ranging from local Thai cuisine to Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, Japanese, and other. There are also stalls in the street where you can find anything you might be craving for, at the fraction of cost. After all, summer vacation in Pattaya can be really inexpensive for Western tourists

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Maui - A Perfect Destination For Beach Lovers

If you're looking to get away from your troubles and spend your time on an idyllic beach, Maui is the spot you should visit. There are endless amounts of activities you can do while you're there or you can just lie on a sandy beach with a tropical drink in your hand each day. That's the beauty about Maui; it is an incredibly versatile vacation destination because it offers miles of beautiful, serene beach to lie on and it also provides you with exciting and exhilarating outdoor activities as well.

If you've come to explore Maui, you won't be disappointed. You will find that there are many great ways to see the island in its entirety. You can take a tour, ride bikes, hike, take a boat ride or even take a helicopter ride through this majestic island. If you love water sports, Maui has you covered. You can ski, surf, body board and parasail through a deep blue ocean filled with exotic marine life.

If you're looking to relax rather than fill your days with activities, Maui is perfect for you as well. You can suntan on the beach, read that novel you've been putting off and swim in the ocean whenever you get a little too warm. If you're going with your significant other, this is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together without interruption. The hotel that you're staying at (if it's on the beach) will offer great low-key activities for you to engage in as well. You can try out yoga on the beach, horseback riding or going for a midnight jog along the ocean's edge.

Shopping is fantastic in Maui as well. You can catch a ride into town and visit some of the local shops so you can take back souvenirs for your loved ones. So, from great food to beaches to hiking, Maui has everything you could possibly want from a vacation spot and more.

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